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Culotte Pro

€164.50 -30% €115.15

Upgraded 53T Running Performance Shorts with some extra pockets for nutrition. The fitted pockets on the back can store flat things like money, credit card, etc. Or you can use it to carry a small, flat pack that contains a tube, CO2, and a multi-tool. And the Italian did M.AR.C. Silicone clips at the leg opening to keep it in place.

Flow Summer Woman

€99.00 -30% €69.30

A sunrise in Venice Beach, a walk along its beaches, touring the west coast of California, its colors, its style. Feel the Flow while you pedal, feel your attitude, feel different with our Flow women's model.

Forest Summer

€99.00 -30% €69.30

Dirt trails, lush forests, inhospitable roads. 
Our Forest model inspired by all those roads and places that you like to travel by bike, get lost aimlessly or enjoy your solitude or In company. 
If you are a devourer of known kilometers or distances to discover, your style is Forest. 
You decide where to return home.

Kona Summer

€99.00 -30% €69.30

Kona Hawaii, the cradle of triathlon, where the fever, madness and passion for this discipline originated. Our Kona model pays homage to all long-distance freaks who seek the limits of their energies. Colors that evoke the sun of its beaches, its waves and the power of its air. You decide if you want to find your limits.

London Summer

€99.00 -30% €69.30

British style, classic, timeless, a mixture of elegance and know-how. Our London model combines all those characteristics that make you a distinguished and stately cyclist. If you like to enjoy a good coffee before or after your cycling practice and you also need to do it with elegance, this is your best option. You decide if you want to be watched as you pass by.

New York Summer Woman

€99.00 -30% €69.30

Manhattan, the Bronx, Harlem, the streets of Brooklyn, a cafe in Soho, a walk through central park. Our NY model for women is inspired by the emblematic city of skyscrapers, its streets, its culture and its essence.

Terra Summer

€99.00 -30% €69.30

Terra means devotion to our planet, to the nature that surrounds us, to all those places that it offers us to enjoy our cycling. Terra means passion for the world and for the sensations you perceive when exploring it. Terra symbolizes the symbiosis between you and what you travel every morning. You decide if you want to be part of your land.

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