In 53 Dientes we produce and market cycling clothing, with creative and exclusive designs for you.

We offer you a different view of cycling, contributing, in each project, our experience in different disciplines. We make our products in our workshop, with Spain brand and created by and for cycling.

53 Dientes is a special number, because there are 53 teeth on the big plate mounted by the most daring cyclists, which few can boast of using.

We are passionate about the world of cycling and trends and therefore, we propose this new concept in clothing that combines comfort, performance, style and maximum customization for you, your club or your group of friends.
Because in 53 Teeth we design unique garments in which we breathe passion, creativity, emotions, early risings, but, above all, we want you to enjoy pedaling on each route, sometimes known and sometimes not so much.

Go further in each step, feel the freedom in our legs and challenge ourselves. We are 53 Dientes and now you are part of our cycling group, thanks for sharing our passion for cycling.