Isotonic Drink

Isotonic Drink

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Premium isotonic with carbohydrates, salts and amino acids in proportions according to science. With anti-doping certification by Informed Sport.

  • 640 grs
  • 32 grs


Replacement sports drink with an amino acid plus

  • Mix of carbohydrates in a 2: 1: 1 ratio (Dextrose: Maltodextrin: Fructose)
  • With a plus of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) and L-Glutamine
  • With minerals from assimilable sources With anti-doping certificate by Informed-Sport
  • Incredible taste and digestibility
  • Vegan friendly and allergen free

Isodrink & Energy is a powdered sports drink of the highest quality and with a premium composition that provides all the necessary ingredients not only to maintain but to improve performance in your training sessions and competitions.

It has been shown that fluid replacement along with carbohydrates and electrolytes (mineral salts) during exercise can prevent dehydration and therefore delay fatigue, which translates into improved performance (Wagenmakers, AJ , et al. JAP. 1993).

Ingesting only water to replace the lost fluids is not worth it, since a dilution of the blood plasma can occur and consequently a decrease in osmolality and electrolytes, that is, we achieve the opposite effect to the desired one. Like using a drink with a high concentration of minerals, it is not worth it either, since the opposite effect to the previous one occurs, that is, there is an increase in plasma osmolality, consequently the sweating rate is reduced and, therefore Therefore, a reduction in the thermoregulatory capacity, that is, that increases our body temperature (Gregor, RJ et al., Oxford: Blackwell Science; 2000), which not only reduces performance but also puts our health at risk.

Isodrink & Energy contains an ideal matrix of three sources of carbohydrates, Dextrose, Maltodextrin and Fructose, in a 2: 1: 1 ratio. It has been shown that in prolonged exercises (from 1.5 h) the use of carbohydrates that are absorbed by different transport systems (known as GLUT) facilitate gastric emptying and fluid absorption and is also the only way to increase the rate of assimilation and oxidation of exogenous carbohydrates above 60 g / hour (Currell, K. et al., MSSE. 2008; Earnest, CP et al., JSCR. 2004). Also, something that few people know and / or many forget is that the consumption of exogenous carbohydrates, during physical activity, minimizes the immunosuppressive effects produced by intense exercise (Nieman, D.C. et al., EIR. 1998).

Minerals, better known as electrolytes or salts, in addition to the benefits already mentioned, also improve the antidiuretic effect, therefore, less fluid is eliminated by the kidney and as a consequence hydration is improved (Coso, JD et al., APNM. 2.008).

The most important is sodium (Na), because it is the one that we lose the most with sweat and is essential to maintain hydration during physical activity (NDA Panel. EFSA Journal. 2011). It also provides potassium (K) in adequate proportions and in a highly assimilable format, potassium citrate.

Being a very technical and advanced formula that is valid for both beginners and the more experienced, we have incorporated Branched Amino Acids (BCAAs) and Glutamine, because it has been shown that the intake of these amino acids together with carbohydrates during training reduces the markers of muscle damage (Valentine, RJ et al., IJSNEM. 2008). Also branched amino acids (BCAAs), especially Leucine, are highly oxidized by the muscle, that is, they are used as an energy source, reducing the use of glycogen in favor of fats. In addition, the intake of these amino acids during exercise reduces Central Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), that is, it reduces the brain’s production of Serotonin (a neurotransmitter related to symptoms of fatigue and mood) (Kerksick, CM et al., JISSN. 2.018). In addition, the intake of Glutamine has been shown to reduce gastrointestinal discomfort during exercise, due to better intestinal permeability.

As a summary and as a conclusion, according to science, we can say that athletes must ingest carbohydrate and electrolyte solutions to maintain blood glucose levels, prevent dehydration and reduce the immunosuppressive effects during intense physical activity (Kerksick, CM et al., JISSN. 2018).

And without forgetting that Isodrink & Energy is 100% safe as it is certified anti-doping by Informed-Sport. (Lemon & Red Fruits only)

Ingredients: Carbohydrate mixture (dextrose, maltodextrin, fructose in ratio 2: 1: 1), BCAAs (Kyowa® Quality) (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine in ratio 2: 1: 1 ), L-Glutamine (Kyowa® Quality), acidulant (citric acid), sodium chloride, potassium citrate, flavoring, anti-caking agent (amorphous silica), coloring (curcumin) and sweetener (sucralose).

Instructions for use: Mix 32 g (approx. 2 level scoops) with 400 ml of water. Consume it preferably during sports practice.

Pro tips:

  • To optimize hydration, it is recommended to take a portion between 1 hour and 45 minutes before sports practice.
  • For efforts greater than 1 hour: to maintain blood glucose, it is also recommended to ingest a gel or a bar approximately every hour of physical activity. After 3 hours, take an Energy Gel and / or Energy Bar every 30 minutes (2 gels and / or bar per hour).
  • If the environment is very hot and / or humid: to maintain proper hydration, it is also recommended to ingest approximately 1 capsule of PRO Salt Caps every 60 – 90 minutes of physical activity.

Flavors: Lemon, Red Fruits and Orange/Mandarin

Format: Jar of 640g (20 servings) or box of 10 single-dose sachets of 32 g

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