Pack Endurance Tester 550 ml

Pack Endurance Tester 550 ml

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The Endurance Tester PACK, is a pack with the 13 star products of Crown Sport Nutrition and a PRO FLY bottle of 550 ml or similar 600ml / Shaker PRO, mainly focused on those endurance athletes (triathlon, cycling, trail running, marathon etc.) who want to try our products for the first time without having to buy a whole box or bottle and at an exceptional price.


The PACK Endurance Tester is made up of 14 products: 

  • 7 Energy Bar energy bars of different flavors (double chocolate, white chocolate banana, yogurt, salty chocolate and vegan salted peanut, vegan strawberry): source of carbohydrates (energy) and salts minerals (in the salty versions). Ideal to take during sports practice. You can also use them as breakfast or pre-training or competition lunch. 
  • 4 sachets of Energy Gel (red fruits with caffeine, cola with caffeine, lemon, orange): perfect combo of carbohydrates (energy), amino acids and mineral salts, which help delay the appearance of fatigue. In addition, in the caffeinated versions , we improve alertness, decision-making and muscle contraction. To take during physical activity. 
  • 1 packet of Game Booster: ideal caffeine-based combo to activate metabolism both physically and cognitively. It improves performance by delaying the feeling of fatigue, activating the central nervous system and improving muscle contraction. To take before or during sports practice mixed with Isodrink & Energy. 
  • 2 envelope from Isodrink & Energy: is a powdered sports drink of the highest quality and with a premium composition that provides all the necessary ingredients not only to maintain but to improve performance in your training sessions and competitions 
  • 1 PRO Fly 550ml bottle: to hydrate you during your sessions or mix your protein. It has a very soft touch and a special nozzle that allows a strong and constant flow of water. Used by elite athletes. 
  • 1 x Energy Gel Cola with Caffeine 40 g 
  • 1 x Energy Gel Lemon 40 g 
  • 1 x Orange Energy Gel 40 g 
  • 1 x Energy Gel Red Fruits 40 g 
  • 1 x Energy Bar Salty Chocolate 60 g 
  • 1 x Energy Vegan Bar Strawberry 60 g 
  • 1 x Energy Vegan Bar Salty Peanut 60 g 
  • 1 x Energy Bar Double Chocolate 60 g 
  • 1 x Energy Bar Banana White Choc 60 g 
  • 1 x Energy Bar Yogurt 60 g 
  • 2 x Isodrink & amp; Energy 32 g 
  • 1 x Gamebooster envelope. 
  • 1 x Bottle PRO Fly 550ml
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